Emmy Widmann


About Me

Even as a child I loved photography. For my 7th birthday my mother gave me my first camera. From that point on, I photographed everything that crossed my path. So it was no surprise when I eventually decided to become a professional photographer.

Today I love to be able to give people valuable memories of their most beautiful moments with my photos. 

My History

My love for photography began when I was just a young child. After I received my first camera when I was seven, I photographed everything around me. But I was especially fascinated by people. As I got older, I began to appreciate photos as memories and wanted to capture everything and everyone. After school I decided to train as a photographer and eventually became self-employed.

My Mission

Photos can be used to capture memories. A brief moment of the past will always remain in the form of a photo. It forms a window back to another time. With my photography I want to capture peoples happiest, most treasured moments. I want to give them a memory of their most valued moments.

My Principles

In my photo sessions it is important to me to give the customer a lot of freedom. I have a basic vision, a first idea, but I want to capture the moment in its free and natural form. My photography should not be posed and constructed. I am convinced that you get the best photos if you just let people be themselves.

Contact Me

You're interested? Then don't hesitate to contact me!